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Welcome to our Liveblog! Here you can take a behind-the-scenes look at Team Tickaroo with our own livecast technology! Join us as we work, play, eat, invent, design, and create simple, effective, awesome apps.

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A Little More About Us

Since 2011, it has been Tickaroo’s goal to level the playing field in LIVE sports and news casting. Our App allows anyone to report about sporting events, breaking news, or even simply what matters to you most-LIVE! Share your story with the world before, during, or after the event via your social media channels.

Our free multimedia livecasts allow you to upload your own videos and photos, keep track of scores, record player highlights, and integrate various social media posts. Want to up your game? We also offer Livestreaming capabilities for a fee.

Our paid Pro versions of the app, trusted by multiple sports associations and media corporations, give you the power to review, control, and edit certified reporter content as well as allowing you to customize your livecast’s appearance.

Join us! Share your stories with our technology! It’s simple, fun, and effective. We look forward to seeing your sports- and newscasts!